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What Does the Selling Agent Do for the Buyer?

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Rare Find – Literately New 5 Bedroom Residence in Brisbane

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Ever Wondered Why the Rich Seem to ……………… ?

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“The best strategy of all is to use a Property Buyers Agent. ‘Buy and hope’ usually doesn’t get you to where you want to go”

At the end of your property investing, there should be a goal that stays uppermost in your mind from day one! It’s a particularly poor idea to spend hundreds of thousands, or even millions, of dollars to have it just sitting there being of no benefit for you. There must be a reason for the investment of such large amounts of money not only in an investment, but in the particular investment strategy that you choose. There are several property ownership strategies that are relatively simple and more common amongst new home buyers and novice, or even experienced, investors. There are also several more complicated strategies employed by experienced investors and investment companies.

Property strategy considerations:

  1. What is the benefit for you?
  2. What is your exit plan?
  3. How long do you intend to own it?
  4. Are you renovating for a quick profit or holding for 20-30 years for capital gain?
  5. Will it be your principle place of residence?
  6. Will it put money in your pocket or will it be a possible tax claim consideration?


 More Considerations

Although a property buyers agent will complete due diligence on your property, ALWAYS DO YOUR OWN DUE DILIGENCE AS WELL. Only you know your situation in detail.

    1. Don’t trust real estate agents or investment hustlers. They want your money and will tell you whatever is required to get it.
    2. Trust PPBA; we work for you, not for the vendor.
    3. Build a good team around you which may include:
      1. Buyers agent
      2. Conveyancer/legal
      3. Mortgage broker
      4. Accountant
      5. Financial Advisor/Planner
      6. Tradesmen

Your strategy is exactly that: YOUR strategy. Your strategy needs to be decided in consideration of your needs, your ability to service your chosen debt and very importantly, your goal!


No strategy, be it simple or complicated, is necessarily any better than another and takes into consideration your unique situation, your aversion to risk, the potential and likelihood of benefit in addition to other aspects of investment.

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