What if this Was Your Last Year On Earth?

What would you do? Would you sit around procrastinating?    For Example, how many people do you think would wish they could do time over again? I mean, that happens now and the world isn't ending any time soon................that I know of. Then again, 2020...

When is the Best Time to Buy Property?

 When investing, you are not buying an asset, you are buying time. Good investment assets appreciate over time. As we see currently with COVID-19 and in the past with other pandemics and economic hiccups, the GFC being a classic reminder, the investment markets...

What are Most People Doing at the Moment?

What do you reckon most people would be doing now? I reckon you know. They’re checking the papers, checking the TV news to see what they can find out about the coronavirus. Maybe there are a few who have taken a minute to thank their lucky stars they don’t live in...

Just What Exactly is COVID Doing to the Property Market?

Do you have any idea what is happening with the property market? If you can find two people who agree on exactly what’s happening, listen to them, then wait a day and ask them again to see what their new position is……. then make your own decision. The fact is that the...

What if I Gave You $6,000 to Buy Your home?

What if I gave you $6,000 to buy your home? Not enough? OK then, what about $16,000 or even $25,860? Now what would you say? What if I gave you even more than that? If I gave you that much cash to put in your pocket or start on those improvements you’ve been thinking...

Is Southern Interest in Queensland Property Keeping the Market Strong up Here?

Is Southern Interest in Queensland Property Keeping the Market Strong up here? Brisbane housing continues to maintain a strong showing during Covid. Throughout the entire Covid experience, property in general has remained strong, with Queensland leading the charge in...

Here’s How to Get Started in Property.

There are many strategies for investing in and holding property. The one common denominator is that, planned and managed well, it is an excellent way to secure your financial future. So, what is the best way to get started? The best way to start is to start at the...

What Does the Selling Agent Do for the Buyer?

G'day, Just checking to see how you went on the weekend. I got to inspect 9 houses so it was a busy weekend for me. That was also a lot of selling agents and even more buyers I got to speak to. So, let’s talk about how much the selling agent does for you, the buyer....

Rare Find – Literately New 5 Bedroom Residence in Brisbane

532The selling agent has made this property is available for PPBA to buy for you. Elevated position, literately brand new, yet retaining the classy Colonial look is this colossal 5 bedroom residence mere walking distance to CBD and surrounded by a number of the best...

Ever Wondered Why the Rich Seem to ……………… ?

Ever wondered why the rich seem to keep getting richer?   Umm…Ok then. Ever wondered why sitting around not doing much doesn’t make you any money?Here's the ReasonIt's because when there’s an opportunity, the rich seize it with both hands and make money out of... #main-header, #top-header, #main-footer { display: none!important; }

Renovation or Flipping

Renovate for a Profit or Flipping

There are basically two types of renovation strategies: Cosmetic and In-depth renovations. A popular type of renovation which you find on most TV renovation programmes is cosmetic renovations. Simply put, a slightly neglected property is purchased, given a coat of new paint often updating colour schemes, a garden makeover and any other simple inexpensive renovations. The property is then put on the market at a higher price. If done well, the new look property can provide significant profit in a reasonably short time, often as little as a few weeks. Once completed, the renovators then move on to the next property and repeat the process.

Although this can lead to significant profit, PPBA highly advise that significant due diligence and research should be conducted into renovation procedures well prior to purchasing any such property. There are many pitfalls in renovation that, if not handled well, can lead to monetary loss.

Renovate to Rent

This strategy is similar to renovating for profit, however the property is held for rent rather than renovated for quick sale. It is a strategy whereby a negative geared property may be turned into a positive geared situation.

It is likely that the property may have been initially a negative geared property. Once upgraded, the property can be used to command increased rent turning it into a positive geared property. In this calculation, costs of purchase, renovation and tax claims etc should be considered.

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