The Cheap Money Boom!

Are we really in a property boom period just now? Maybe, but is it really a property boom? What I believe we are seeing just now is the largest, most concentrated cheap money boom that I for one have ever seen in my entire life and I’ve lived a lot of my life, so...

Apartment Block – OR – Gigantic Dual Living House

7 4 4 Have you got a ‘Brady Bunch’ family? Are Mum and Dad living with you? If either of these are true, this is the house for you. If you’re up for dual occupancy as an investment strategy, this works as well. 4 Bathrooms – nearly one each 4 car remote garage – The...

What’s Your Property Negotiation Strategy?

Are you aware of how selling agents tie you to an inflated price for your new property? Negotiating for your new property, be it investment or your own home, isn’t just something that you jump into when you’re suddenly at the negotiation table.Negotiation is a learned...

Are You Positive that You’re Negative?

Jehoshaphat, “Negative gearing is the best property investment strategy”. Geraldine, “Are you positive?” Jehoshaphat, "Huh???" OK, so we’ve all heard about positive and negative gearing with regard to property investment. But which one is the best strategy? Put...

To Be or Not To Be……….a Rent-vestor.

It seems it was easier back in the olden days. Remember back when you were a kid? More to the point, remember back when I was a kid, back in the 60s and 70s. You either rented or you bought your own home. It seemed that there were only the privileged few who could...

5 Bedroom Brand New Near Elite Schools and Walk to the CBD

52 2The selling agent has made this property is available for PPBA to buy for you. Elevated position, literately brand new, yet retaining the classy Colonial look is this colossal 5 bedroom residence mere walking distance to CBD and surrounded by a number of the best...

If It Seems Too Good To Be True, It Usually Is!

Often forgotten words, but at the heart of the ‘get rich quick’ schemes is this well-known assertion. When was the last time you saw a ‘wealth coach’ spruiking the benefits of some new real estate wealth scheme? Last time you looked at your email inbox or your...

Post COVID-19 Lending – What to Expect

Have you ever walked into a bank with a mask on? I heard a bloke named Dillinger tried it. Didn’t go well for him! However, with the onset of COVID-19, banks have changed not only the way they interact with their customers, but also the lending process. Furthermore,...

If you’re a buyer, ‘gloomy’ is GREAT!!

How has COVID-19 Been Good for You? The property forecast at the start of Covid-19, back in Feb-Mar was gloomy. If you’re a buyer, ‘gloomy’ is GREAT!! Let’s face it, if you were actually struck down with COVID-19, that’s not good for anyone. There are some people who...

Don’t Worry! You’re Not the Only One.

Is it lack of knowledge, don’t know where to start or just plain fear? We all know that it’s something that we need to be doing, otherwise we wouldn’t be here right now. What is it exactly then that’s holding you up? That’s the very first step you need to take to get... #main-header, #top-header, #main-footer { display: none!important; }

What would you do?

Would you sit around procrastinating?



For Example, how many people do you think would wish they could do time over again? I mean, that happens now and the world isn’t ending any time soon…………….that I know of. Then again, 2020 is happening isn’t it?

How about doing 2019 over again? If you had that time again you could get 2020’s holiday in before 2020 hit us and laid us all flat.

Well, that’s how the human mind works isn’t it? We usually never “get around to it” until it’s too late. What if we looked into our crystal ball and saw that Kim Jung-un is finally going to blow the world up next year? We’d all go crazy trying to think of what we want to do before the final curtain comes down. It’s easy to look at things in hindsight and come up with all sorts of excuses for not doing things when we should have.

So tell me, what’s stopping you doing all those things now? Any good excuses pop up just now? Don’t worry, if you keep “waiting for the right time”, or for “things to pick up in the market”, then in about 5-10 years you’ll be able to tell all your friends and family how you wish you had bought that house way back then……but never did. You’ll be the expert on that subject.

Here’s a great life hack for you to try. Think of a small job you’ve got around the house, that you never quite get to. Write the main words on a post-it note and put it on the bathroom mirror. When you wash your hands, have a shave or brush your hair, it’ll be right there to remind you, every time!

I’m betting that job will get done. That’s called writing down your goals. Just writing it down cements the process in your own mind. You should be doing that with the major goals in your life as well. For these larger and more important goals, write down the end goal, the plan to achieve that goal and also all the smaller goals that you need to accomplish along the way. If you do that, there is every chance that the smaller achievements along the way will lead to attaining the major life goal.

Go and get a post-it note and write down

“Buy our own home.”

​We’re here for a good time, not a long time.

Make the most of every moment.

When you’re ready to make the most of everyone of your moments, give us a call at PPBA. We’re good at helping you make your moments happen. 

Call us now and we’ll supply the sticky notes.

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